Information about our products

Q : What type of products are you selling?
R : We only offer homemade, frozen, and vacuum sealed food.

Q : How can I see all of your products?
R : On the home page, click on Our products, and you should be able to see the products we offer.   

Q : Can we reheat your meals in the microwave?
R : Our frozen food preserve its quality for about 6 months in the freezer. On each product, you will see the "best before" information, but the information may vary depending on the ingredients fround in the meal. We don’t put any preservatives in our meals. Once in the refrigerator, product can be kept for about 5 days.

Q : How will I receive my order?
R : You will receive your meal frozen and vacuum sealed in a recyclable container inside a box which also contains a foam box. Inside, you’ll see an ice pack and dry ice. Do not touch the dry ice with your hands. Let it disappear by itself.

Order, payment and delivery

Q : How do I need to process to place an order?
R : It’s quite simple ! You need to add the product you want first. Then, go to your basket and sign up. Follow the steps, and here we go!

Q : How long does it take for my products to be shipped?
R : Once you have ordered, you’ll receive a conirmation email. If you haven't received it, please contact us at info@toutcuitdanslebec.ca. We’ll send you back your bill or you can also go in your order history.

You choose the shipping method (at home or at work), even if you’re not there. The delivery is made by Purolator. You will receive a tracking number from them. Normally, products are delivered within 1 or 2 working days.

Q : What should I do if I want to modify or cancel my order?
R : Contact us by email and we will try to do something for you.

Q : What are the payment methods accepted?
R : There’s only the payment online (Visa, Mastercard).

Q :Is there any extra tax?
R :No, our products are not taxable. On the other hand, if you must pay for shipping, the amount includes TPS and TVQ.

Other information

Q : Do you offer gift certificates ?
R : Yes! The amounts offered are $25, $50, $100 and $150.

Q : Are your plastic dishes recyclable?
R : Every dishes and every lid are recyclable. The plastic film on the meals is also recyclable.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us